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In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s home movies were a very popular past time. Many families grew up watching mum and dad and the children on holidays, at the beach or having a BBQ in the backyard.

Weddings, Engagements and Christenings were also very popular.

The movies may have been blurry, have the jitters, be out of focus, and badly exposed, but they are still MEMORIES.

In many cases the children who were filmed in these home movies have never seen them, are have forgotten they even exist, or the parents who were in them, have passed on.

We can transfer your old movies to DVD, and then we can copy the DVD to make it easier for you to SHARE all those great old memories with family and friends.


Many movie films are starting to show signs of age, so don’t delay in archiving those old moving memories onto DVD.

There are 4 domestic formats - 9.5mm, 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm.  We can transfer your Cine Film directly to playback DVD for viewing or to editable formats for you to edit on your computer.

If you wish to view your reels in a particular sequence please number the reels clearly and ensure that the reel numbers correctly match the numbers on their boxes.  White leader tape should be at the start of the spool and not in the centre.  If we detect a soundtrack already on the film it will be recorded at no extra cost.  If your films require editing we recommend your films are transferred to DVD then an edit list can be created using the time clock on your DVD player.

Note: Standard 8mm film runs at an approximate rate of 4 minutes per 50’, equal to 750’ per hour.
Super 8mm runs at an approximate rate of 3½ minutes per 50’, equal to 850’ per hour.
16mm and 9.5mm film runs at an approximate rate of 2 minutes per 50’, equal to 1500’ per hour.

Reel Length Price (per reel)

50 ft …… £ 6.00 (3” reel)

100 ft …… £ 10.00

150 ft …… £ 14.00

200 ft …… £ 18.00 (5” reel)

250 ft …… £ 22.00

300 ft …… £ 25.00 (6” reel)

350 ft …… £28.00

400 ft …… £30.00 (7” reel)

500 ft …… £ 36.00

600 ft …… £ 42.00 (8” reel)

800 ft …… £ 54.00

1000 ft …… £ 66.00

Minimum Charge  £ 30.00

Background Music (per hour) £ 15.00

Service time : 1 week, Thursday to Thursday (Orders need to be in by 5pm Wednesday for Thursday collection)

Home Video transfer