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Bring your old slides into the 21st Century by having them scanned onto a CD, or converting them into a DVD slide show.

In the 50's, 60's and 70's colour slides (transparencies) were very popular, and many people still remember being invited around to a friend's place for a "slide night"! Whilst parents and grandparents may remember seeing their slides, many children and grand children have never seen the slides, but may be in them when they were much younger!

By having them scanned to disc, you can get prints from them, email them, print them at home, or have a DVD slide show made of them.

Most importantly, you can stop the ageing process, and preserve the slides onto standard or archival CD's or DVD's.

If you give them to us in the slide trays or carousels, we will scan them in that order for you. If they are in boxes, just number them, and we will follow your instructions.

ALL slides are cleaned and then checked and corrected (where possible) for colour and density as we scan them. We do not “bulk scan” your treasured slides – we actually look at EVERY one of them during the scanning process.

Another great positive with having your slides scanned to disc is that you can copy the disc (or ask us to do it for you) and share the photos with everyone in the family. It makes it far easier to help put together family details and history.

What's included as standard?

Each slide is first cleaned by our highly skilled technicians of any loose dust or debris and then scanned with great care using our high end scanners at up to 4000 dpi . We use digital ICE technology which helps to remove any further dust, mould growth, marks or scratches. The result is a high resolution scan in JPEG format, TIFF format is optional.

Once scanned we then carry out a full enhancement as standard by checking each individual image, correcting colour and brightness levels, cropping if necessary and also carry out any minor retouching for remaining minor blemishes.

We then transfer to the output of your choice using high quality professionally printed discs and covers.

Formats we can scan -

35mm                35mm Super                    126                            110                      Half-frame                   127*

* 127 slides can be scanned, but there will be some image cut-off, however we will try to select the best section of image.


Options and Prices -



 Cost per mounted slide scanned (JPEG file) (Minimum quantity of 25 slides)

£ 0.30

 Cost per mounted slide scanned (JPEG + TIFF file) (Minimum quantity of 25 slides)

£ 0.40

 Saved to CD / DVD for use in a computer


 Extra CD / DVD as above (at time of order)

£ 2.50

 Saved as a Slide Show DVD for use in DVD player

£ 10.00

 Extra Slide Show DVD as above (at time of order)

£ 5.00

 Saved as a High-Definition Slide Show Blu-Ray for use on a Blu-Ray player

£ 15.00

 Extra High-Definition Slide Show Blu-Ray as above (at time of order)

£ 10.00

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