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Superior quality film scanning service for many types of photographic film including full frame 35mm, half frame 35mm, panoramic 35mm, APS, 110, 126 and large format film, in colour, black and white, or transparency formats.

We provide the full high resolution images in JPEG format on either a free data CD or DVD which can be used to view, email or print directly on your computer or laptop.

We also offer a DVD slide show presentation for you to share and enjoy all your images with ease on your TV. Most customers order a slide show presentation as well as the JPEG files so they can sit and watch their memories on TV through a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

What's included as standard?

Each film is first cleaned by our highly skilled technicians of any loose dust or debris and then scanned with great care using our high end scanners at up to 12800 dpi (depending on film type). We use ICE technology which helps to remove any further dust or scratches (not on black and white film). The result is a high resolution scan in JPEG format, TIFF format is optional.

Once scanned we then carry out a full enhancement as standard by checking each individual image, correcting colour and brightness levels, cropping if necessary.

We then transfer to the output of your choice using high quality professionally printed discs and covers.

Options and Prices -



 Cost per single negative or unmounted transparency scanned (any format)

£ 0.50

 Cost per image on a strip of negatives or transparencies scanned (any format)

£ 0.20

 Cost per uncut roll of up to 40 APS / 35mm negatives or transparencies scanned

£ 4.00

 Saved to CD / DVD for use in a computer

Inclusive (min scan order £ 8.00)

 Extra CD / DVD as above (at time of order)

£ 2.50

 Saved as a Slide Show DVD for use in DVD player

£ 10.00

 Extra Slide Show DVD as above (at time of order)

£ 5.00

 Saved as a High-Definition Slide Show Blu-Ray for use on a Blu-Ray player

£ 15.00

 Extra High-Definition Slide Show Blu-Ray as above (at time of order)

£ 10.00

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